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Earlier this week, I met up with Stylist Sydnie for some coffee to catch up on each other’s lives since we haven’t seen each other in such a long time! I was ready to put on my favorite leggings and a sweatshirt and then Carly popped into my head! She is always trying to get her clients out of leggings. This has stuck with me and I believe that I should be practicing what she’s preaching! I'm trying hard to only wear my leggings for quick errands. It's a hard habit to break! So, since this wasn’t a quick errand, and I was meeting another stylist, who always looks flawless, I decided I should wear something that fits my style, is "stylish" and comfortable.

While at coffee with Sydnie, one of the topics that came up in our conversation was my outfit and how I’ve been super inspired by Julia Michaels lately. I’m sure all of you have heard some of her songs, if not, you need to go look her up ASAP! One look that Julia does which I’m a huge fan of is socks with vans. She doesn’t wear just simple no-show ankle socks; she wears a fun sock and you can always see them. She wears this look with both jeans and dresses and it’s so cute! (This is a picture of her on the left). So being that I’ve been putting a touch of Julia in all of my looks, I did it to meet Sydnie!

This look, of course, is from Nordstrom! It’s like I used to work there or something 😉I found these super distressed jeans, which I really liked because they’re the perfectly in-between straight jeans and skinny jeans. They fit snug on the thigh but get a little looser on the ankle. For the top, I chose a cozy yet trendy sweatshirt to wear with them, which I’ve been living in constantly! I finished off the look with the touch of Julia, socks and vans!

I would love to know how you get inspiration for your outfits? Are there certain celebrities who have styles that you admire? If you don't have one, I suggest picking someone who's style you find interesting and seeing if you can recreate their look! It's a fun way to wear items in your closet in a new way and it can really push you outside your comfort zone!

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