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What it is:

Where I bought it:

Cost: $200ish (I got mine in Paris, so euros are messing me up!)

How I will wear it:

A little about this brand to start! Last year I was traveling to Portugal and happened upon a small store in the airport that I fell in love with. Aldolfo Dominguez is a Spanish designer that I feel is everything I cannot find in the US, but always crave! I purchased a knit dress at the time and have loved it. It is a super thick knit that I have only ever seen from MM Lafleur in the states. This past March I had the opportunity to meet friends in Portugal (long story!) and found myself with a six hour layover coming home. I purchased a blouse, jacket, and purse and was officially obsessed. To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, Michael and I slipped away to Paris and Bordeaux this past week (what a lucky year for me and travel) and I was gobsmacked to see an entire boutique. I only puchased the piece above, however know it is something I will look to for a special piece each year as they are truly timeless and amazing quality items!

Final Rating: 5 stars, so happy to find some items that are super high quality, slightly more affordable, and make me feel fabulous!!!



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