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Helping men and women find their style is our passion... Take a look at what we can do for you! 


À La Mode's clients come from all different walks of life, industries, and backgrounds. Moonlighting from working with executives, parents, doctors, students, business owners, retirees, and so many more, we have no "typical client." So no matter you situation, À La Mode is always ready to help with your style needs!


"I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea the freedom it is to get ready and have an outfit already ready - to feel comfortable and cute and put together!! Of course I'm getting compliments like crazy everywhere I go! Thank you so much for making this happen!"


I really appreciated Sydnie and Devin sharing their love of fashion and guiding me towards pieces that would work well with my body.  I feel I walked away with items that I will truly enjoy wearing and that will make me feel confident and up-to-date.  Choosing to work with a stylist can be intimidating (mostly admitting to yourself you're a fashion fail) but you both were great at making the process fun and offering helpful suggestions in a non-judgemental, professional way, thank you!    -Melissa 


"You have really changed my life-- how I feel about myself, how I see myself, and my confidence. Meeting with you was truly one of the most significant things I have ever done and I am so, so grateful that you are remarkably skilled. I just couldn't believe how many things you grabbed fit perfectly and looked great. You are remarkable!" - Theresa

"It has been about three weeks since you provided me with my new clothes and a day has not gone by without someone commenting on my appearance.  I believe the clothes catch their eye and then they notice that I've slimmed down. You did an excellent job of taking me out of the 90's and out of my comfort zone." -Anthony

"I would highly recommend working with Sydnie on the closet analysis and shopping trip. She really got to know my style and lifestyle first, then we went through everything in my closet. She showed me new outfit ideas for some old favorites and gave me ideas on what I could add. I've never had so much fun shopping, it was so efficient. I got tons of outfit ideas right there in the dressing room. I haven't felt this put together since before I had kids!  Thank you Sydnie!" -Rebecca

"Our session was so much fun and enjoyable ---- it was like spending time with Stacey and Clinton (What Not to Wear) but so much better because it was in the privacy, convenience and "safe harbor" of my own home and bedroom. Such fun. If you want to truly treat yourself and spend a bit of time just on you, choose À La Mode.   Your closet and self confidence will thank you big time." - Diane"


"I liked how Sydnie was very enthusiastic about her job, she was very productive, and taught me some things about men's fashion. Highly recommend her!"


"Sydnie was lovely to work with during our consulting session. She really listened to what I was looking for in my needs and desires in my wardrobe. I appreciated how she processed through my existing clothes to create new outfits. Sydnie also took attention of my price range on I wanted to spend and really stuck to it. She made the experience one to remember " -Kara


"As I felt winter breathing, I dreaded it more for my meager, tired wardrobe than the ice and snow. I knew I looked sad and it translated into my persona. Having you do the closet analysis has turned out to be much more than a lark; it’s lifted a burden. The items tossed aside brought relief rather than disappointment and I’m quickly seeing what’s left in fresh and interesting ways.  I’m really excited to have come so far so quickly thanks to your guidance." -Gail

2010 - present

2010 - present

As a small business, we SO appreciate your reviews!

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