Make the most out of what you already have!

Getting Started:

​Take the guesswork out of what to wear, by letting our skilled stylists create the online closet of your dreams! 

Featuring three sections (see below), both your stylist and yourself will have the ability to access your closet from any phone, computer or device. After you get started you have lifetime access to everything ever created or linked, for no additional cost.

1) Closet: Take pictures of everything in your closet so we have an online catalog of exactly what you already own.

2) Lookbook: Stylists create outfits with items from your closet, taking the guesswork out of if something goes together or how to use a certain piece.

3) Finds: Stylists make suggestions to items they think will complete your wardrobe.  Simply click on the item to order.  If you decide to keep a suggestion, we can add it directly to your closet to start creating outfits with it.


"À la mode's online closet has saved me money and expanded my style options just by knowing what I have!​"

Getting Started: 

We want you to see how great this added service is.  Send us an email at sydnie@alamodewc.com and we will set you up with the online closet for FREE!!  Once you've explored and added pieces to your closet, we can do additional services (varying rates) to help make your experience even greater.

"Life changing!  It gave me control over my closet!"

"The online closet is like having my personal stylist in my back pocket! I've got set outfits at my fingertips - helping to remind me of her advice or giving me inspiration for new outfit combinations on my own."

Once your online closet is set-up:

One-time Options:

1) Organize your closet: You upload your closet, we will organize it into categories that make sense for you: $50/100 items

2) Create custom outfits: Have an upcoming trip you need looks for? Struggling to make good use of your work clothes? Regardless of what you need us to create we can put together outfits in your lookbook.  $25/5 outfits

3) Finds: Stylists will find the perfect additions to your closet. Easily select and order what you want.  Add what you keep to your online closet once you decide what you keep. $100/hr 

Yearly Option:

Quarterly Finds + Lookbook: Feeling good about the base of your wardrobe and just need some seasonal updates and styling advice? Quarterly (9/1, 12/1, 3/1, 6/1) À La Mode will reach out to you to find out what five items you need to add to your current closet (if you are unsure, we will pass on five items we think you would love) and ask you what outfits you need styled for the upcoming season.  Within five business days we will place options in your finds section of your online closet (2 options for you to choose from for each of the five things you requested) and create 10 outfits in your lookbook styled from what you already have in your online closet to get you ready for the season ahead! $350 for the entire year!


"The online closet has helped me to see all of the possibilities in my wardrobe and style.  It made my clothes and closet fun again!"

Still wondering if the online closet is for you? See more about the online closet here, as À La Mode founder Carly walks you through it!