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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose À La Mode?

We pride ourselves not just on our fashion knowledge, but more importantly our customer service.  We are constantly hearing from clients how seamless the process is and how comfortable we made them feel. We will always give you our honest opinions, but are just normal gals who are fashion experts and love helping others!  If you still are unsure after checking out our website and clients reviews, set up a free initial consult to meet with us face to face!


Who is your typical client?

Men, women, doctors, parents, business professionals, teachers, retirees, students, name it we have styled them!  Helping all ages and sizes, our personable approach will make you feel comfortable while making sure we address your specific style and needs.


Do I need a Closet Analysis?

If you feel like you have great stuff, but are stuck with how to use it, a closet analysis is right for you.  We will get rid of things that just aren't working, talk body proportion and styling tips, and make lots of outfits using items you already have. At the end of the closet analysis, a personalized shopping list will be sent your way whether you decide to shop with À La Mode or not!  A closet analysis is also a great way for your stylist to get an inside look at your closet before a shopping trip to better learn your style and see exactly what is in your closet.


Will my Closet Analysis really take three hours?

Nearly every closet analysis takes three hours, regardless of how little or how much a client has in their closet.  If you have a massive closet, additional time may be purchased at the end of the closet analysis or you may set up an additional appointment at À La Mode's hourly rate.


What should I expect from a Shopping Trip?

Expect to learn more about your individual style, sizing, brands, and ways to style items you already own with the new items you have purchased!

I hate shopping, can you do it for me?

We would love to!  Especially for women, we love to have you come with us at least once ( lucky guys, sizing is much easier for you so you don't have to come if you don't want!), but we can always bring the stores to you.  A typical shopping trip for a season's wardrobe will be two hours of shopping time ($150/hr since we have to do returns) plus styling time at your home ($125/hr).


I would love to work with À La Mode but can't afford it right now, what else can I do?

Stay updated and get free advice by following our social media accounts and subscribing to our newsletter. We can also meet for a  consultation and set you up on our online closet for free until you are ready for future services.

How far will À La Mode travel?

Based in the Twin Cities, À La Mode will travel a distance of 30 miles from downtown Minneapolis for free.  If you live outside of that range, you can bring your closet to us at no additional charge, we can meet at a local shopping center, or you can pay a mileage fee (0.62/mile over and $15/hr drive time) to have us come to you!


Where in the world did À La Mode get it's funky name from?

Believe it or not, À La Mode does not mean ice cream on pie!  It is actually French for "in style or in fashion"; the purpose of what À La Mode strives to deliver day in and day out.  When founder Carly, whose two favorite foods are pie and ice cream (though not together!), found this out, she knew she had found the perfect name for her styling dreams.


Not seeing your question answered? Contact us so we can help!


2010 - present

2010 - present

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