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Buy-of-the-Week: Athleta Strappy Bikini

What is it?

Where did you buy it?

Athleta Online, $49.99

Why did you buy it?

I LOVE long line bikini tops. Not quite a tankini, but still longer than your average top, so I feel more covered and not like my top is going to pop off. We live on a lake, so are always in the water and active. I adore that I can still feel like I have on a cute suit, while not being worried about a wardrobe malfunction while playing with my kids or surfing behind our boat.

How do you wear and pair?

I have a ton of bottoms that I love, so I mix and match this black top with nearly all of them. I have some bright coral and pink solids, b&w patterned styles, and a navy/black that complete the look perfectly.

Final rating?

Five stars. Is performing beautifully and I really like Athleta’s fabric. Seems like a quality piece I will use for many years to come.

*If you are not much of a two piece fan, my personal favorite one piece suits are from Loft. Most people do not know, but they carry swim pieces online. I have LOVED all the pieces I have ever ordered from them. I have this cut from last year (different pattern) that I have adored and always get compliments on if you are in the market for a one piece.

Yay for summer weather!

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