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Buy of the Week: BB Cream

For this week's Buy Of The Week, I decided that I'm going to change it up a bit and talk about makeup instead of fashion!

The Minnesota winter has taken a toll on my skin and has made it extremely dry. I have dry patches all over my face that just won't heal. I have tried exfoliating followed by intense moisturizers, and face oils. I have even doused my face in Aquaphor, but nothing has helped! I have tried hiding them with one of my favorites, my trusty Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, but the dry spots are showing through, leaving a spotty finish versus a smooth one. Because of this, I decided I need to change up my makeup routine and find a new face product that won't accentuate those dry spots. When shopping for my makeup, I tend to gravitate towards the higher-end brands at Sephora and Nordstrom. In the past, I've tried a few tinted moisturizers and BB creams (beauty balm) from Laura Mercier, Lancome, and NARS, but they haven't worked for me. Because of this, I decided I would give Target a try and see what I could find! I tried a couple of products from NYX and Covergirl, but ended up loving Maybelline's Dream BB Pure. After using it for almost a week, I decided that this is my new go-to item. It hasn't been clinging to those dry spots and the part I like most about it is how light it feels and looks while still evening out my skin tone. It's a nice change up, especially heading into warmer weather when all you want is light, fresh, and dewy skin! This product is definitely going to stay in my makeup bag for a long time.


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