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6 Perfect Travel Outfits For A Trip To France

What to pack for a trip to France

travel outfits France / What to pack France / France style tips

I'm so lucky that the big question I was asking myself in April was "What travel outfits should I pack for France?" Michael and I got to sneak away to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in mid May and headed to France in search of our two favorite things: red wine and food :)

It was a fabulous trip, with a bit of terrible/cold/rainy weather for May, however the food, wine, and outfits did not disappoint. I adored getting to put together "looks" that I typically reserve for special occasions in MN. Though most were a bit underwhelming by need of jacket cover, I still had SO much fun putting them together.

6 travel outfits I packed for France

France travel outfit

We started our adventure in Paris with an amazing meal at Guy Savoy's restaurant. This lace midi dress from BR made me feel like a million bucks. I purchased my sandal from Nordstrom rack as I wanted something I could walk a long way in and not ruin my collection of black stiletto heels on cobblestone streets.

For only $49, I adored this sandal and it held up super well consider I wore it 6 out of 7 nights we were in France. Michael is outfitted in a linen Indochino blazer and BR's traveler slim pants (sized down in the length inseam for more of a European feel).

tips for what to wear in France

French travel style tips

For tooling around during the day, my leather jacket, vince white sneakers (similar), and BR Avery pants fit the bill perfectly. At night, I often slipped on an old classiques white silk double breasted blazer and my crop top sweater from Zara that I am obsessed with!

What to wear in France

Freezing in Bordeaux, my leather jacket and cashmere scarf (from John's tailor in Roseville...I am obsessed with it), sneakers, and favorite denim got lots of play.

For a fancy meal at night, another BR dress did it again for me!

What to pack for France

French packing tips

All in all a fabulous trip and good packing. For both of us, we checked just one suitcase (could have carried on, but wanted some room for wine and souvenirs!)

I'll leave you all with a picture of all of my loves. Michael having our daily morning coffee (in his quay this brand from Nordstrom that is has quite a few polarized options, is on trend, and at a fair price!) and John and Anna on our return (sporting the beret we bought her for 3 days straight!)

outfits tips travel in France

Happy travels and to you!

xo Carly

P.S. If you've got a trip coming up and you're not sure what to pack, our online closet service can help!

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