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Tee Styling: My beloved cropped tees

I wear t-shirts a ton. In the dead of summer I am 100% a tank girl (I'm a sweater), but the rest of the year it is odd for me not to have a t-shirt on. I am always a fan of tees that are fitted through the shoulder and bust with a bit of blouse below. They tuck in great and hide a midsection to perfection. With the re-introduction of cropped tees however, I am REALLY in love. Maybe I just got sick of French tucking? Regardless, the fact that everything looks tucked in and give me a waist has been a bit mind blowing for me. I wear them constantly...with leggings, with sweats, with tees, with jeans. They look fabulous with layers over them. Long layers, short layers, fitted layers, loose layers....any layer that doesn't cut you in the exact same spot.

I know a LOT of my clients aren't in love with this trend, but as a casual dresser (now 99% of the world) who likes to be comfortable and define her waist, they are the BEST!

My all-time favorite cropped tee I have is from JCrew last season and I haven't seen any more out this season (trust me, when I see them you will hear about it). As a close second, 95% of my days you will see me in Athleta's cropped daily tee (shown here). I have stocked up on them as I have seen them on sale (because I am cheap and they are expensive for a tee), but the cotton really is something to behold and worth the price.

If you are in the "I hate cropped tees camp", I will forever and always have a place in my heart for JCrew's gallery tees. They typically call them the vintage soft now, but each season I always grab 1-2 of these to update last seasons worn out version. My current favorite for spring is their rosé tee!

xo Carly

To make my outfit above: Athleta Tee, Anthropologie Pant, Brinker & Eliza necklace (something a client of mine owned that I fell head over heels for!)

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