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Skirt Styling: Stylist Carly

I LOVE styling skirts on clients. They are just SO, SO flattering (and my apologies before I get going for the many all caps in this blog. I just REALLY like skirts!) Skirts naturally have a higher rise than pants, making them sit closer to your natural waist. My number one push with clients after they have a baby or any woman trying to conceal a midsection is to wear a skirt. When you fully tuck into a skirt and get that magical mix of a slightly shorter a-line style it is simply stunning!


It sounds terrifying, but it is fabulous on all shapes and sizes (and not that short as the name suggests). They make them in wool every winter and cotton every summer. I bought mine at a consignment store when I lived in Boston 9+ years ago. So it is a used skirt that is likely 15+ years old and I get compliments every time I wear it. The thing I love about the style is they are fabulous in the winter with a sweater, tights, and boots and great in the summer with everything from a sneaker to wedges. Loft also makes a very similar cut, called the SHIFT SKIRT that is equally amazing, but strangely other than that, I tend to only be able to find the style by higher end designers. Regardless of brand if you see this cut, TRY IT ON!!!!

My go-to skirt tips:

1) Fully tuck into all longer skirts; that includes getting close to touching your knee or longer

2) Front tuck, fully tuck, or choose a cropped/banded bottom top with all other skirts

3) Straight off your hip and ending with some room (think at least hands worth) on either side of your thigh is a universally flattering look. When skirts fully hug all the way down the sides it can be much harder to pull off/make flattering. See how there is a bit of space/gapping between my thigh and the side of my skirt above? We want that!

4) If wearing a super fitted skirt, I often like using a jacket or some sort of layer on the top half to balance out a look.

5) If wearing a super long skirt, wear it with a heel. While I think maxi dresses can look great with flats, I think flowing long skirts NEED a heel.

Back in my teaching days I wore a skirt or dress 99% of my days. Then came the styling and mom days and I just rarely wear them. For client time, skirts are impractical for me and with my kiddos even more. If I am going out for a night, I will often opt for a jumpsuit or dress to really bring it. HOWEVER, if I have a day I will be walking/upright pretty much the entire day, I am all in. So flattering and comfortable, and I love that I can wear my skirts (95% of my skirts are a short/straight cut version) with flats or sneakers. Awe skirts...if I ever slow down more you will be my true beloved!

xo Carly

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