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T-Shirt Styling: Stylist Sydnie

T-shirts today are no longer the traditional, 100% cotton, basic item that used to be in our closets. Changing lifestyles have influenced this garment to be more versatile for whatever the day may bring. Between athleisure and casual work-wear, the tee is making an appearance in all sorts of outfits!

Here are 3 things to look for when picking your perfect tee:

1. Fabrication/Material Content-----Unlike those previous stiff cottons, comfort is a priority when

creating a great tee. Synthetic materials like rayon, spandex, and polyester give way to some of that extra stretch you enjoy. While during the summer months linen is super appreciated during the warm temps. One of my favorite cozy tees comes from Banana Republic and is called the "Luxespun". For men, go for the Luxury Touch v-neck!

2. Pattern/Color/Texture/Graphic---Forget about the packs of white Hanes at Target and focus on individual tees bought separately. And yes, I am talking both men and women. Color and pattern lends way for so much more creativity to your outfit. Leopard, stripes, motifs, you name it! Let your tee bring your personality when it's appropriate :)

3. Shape/Neckline----------------------Crew necks are not for everyone and you shouldn't ever settle for one when it comes to your tee. Scoop and v-neck are generally the most flattering as it elongates the neck. Also, keep the shape and body in mind when purchasing; being able to tuck is important in making appealing lines for the outfit.

As a part-time dance instructor, I value these characteristics. Going from teaching to client appointment feels more cohesive because of pieces like these.

Check out the 2 different ways I can wear a tee from dance to client (click on pictures for links):


Client (changing out Trekkie pant for jeans and switching the sneaker for a wedge)

***Make sure to do a little front tuck with both outfits***

Time to TEE off for summer!



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