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Stylist Saturday: Carly

With all this back and forth warm/cold, it has been difficult to figure out outfits that still feel summery but keep my warm enough! I thought this recent outfit hit a nice in-between, pairing an outfit I could wear in early fall (hello suede) with a summery espadrille that screams summer.

My top is a sold-out beloved button-up silk short sleeve blouse from JCrew. I adored these on myself, but didn't have a ton of luck on clients. For something similar that has been killer for summer, this linen popover works similarly and has been stunning on clients. I topped my blouse with a suede jacket from Chelsea 28 (similar here), grabbed my Mother denim (same style but with clean knees) and finished the look with a Tory Burch espadrille from probably 4ish? years ago (this years style).

Easy, comfy, chic, and just my style!

Make sure to check out the July newsletter Monday for my take on our favorite "comfy" clothes of summer!

xo Carly

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