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Stylist Saturday: Carly

Dinner Party Casual :)

Last Saturday, Michael and I hosted a dinner part for friends at our house. I love getting dressed for things like this, however always feel like it is a delicate balance of dressed and over dressed. This go round, I pulled out a few items I had never paired together and loved the result! Ralphie (dog) on the other hand appears not to be on board!

I snagged this Paige wide leg trousers this fall from Nordstrom rack and simply love (similar here). They are a bit longer in person than the picture shows, but are amazingly soft and an item I know I will cherish for years to come. My blouse is a crop top (jaw open!!) that I purchased from Zara earlier this spring in both black and white and I am obsessed with. It is the perfect layer with all my high waist pants and skirts. No belly button is exposed and I get a great tucked in look without tucking.

I finished the look with a strappy Michael Kors sandal (last season), big thrift store earrings, and a vintage pearl bracelet that was my husband's grandmother Esther who had amazing style.

Easy, comfortable, and I felt effortlessly chic!

Anna is going to make an appearance this week as well. I started Sunday by telling her she could pick out her outfit, expecting something crazy. She emerged with a skirt and top I was shocked matched nearly perfectly (which I had never put together for her previously). I added the tights as it was a cold day, but everything else was my little honey. While we were walking in the woods (I know great outfit for a walk), she snapped up my hat and I thought the outcome could not be any cuter! Anna's skirt was a hand me down and top is last season mini Boden.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend,



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