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Fun casual for Spring, Target shopping spree! Buy of the Week: Carly

I recently had a 1/2 hour at Target, GASP, without children and a big to-do list (my lovely husband took my kids to the children's museum...he is the best!). Once I got over my excitement, I hit the clothing section as I never have time to browse when I am there. I am obsessed with Emily Henderson's blog for home ideas and also enjoy a lot of her fashion posts. She had posted about this dress and I wanted to check it out as I am always on the hunt for a good casual dress. While the dress was not great on me (I am too tall and while the xs fit great, I felt like I couldn't move my arms without it being a bit exposed), if you are 5'5" or under I really did like it.

However, while in the universal thread section I did come across this super lightweight overall. I have never bought an overall, as I figured the look would be too little girl on me, but I really liked the fabric and figured what the heck. I do NOT like the way Target has it styled on their website, but while I was in store I put this tank with it from Wild Fable. I bought a similar one last year and really liked it so also purchased it in white as I needed an update from my one from last year and I liked the more cropped length.

I REALLY loved the overall on. It is super lightweight so I think will be the perfect spring and summer piece. I also like the fact that it is not a dress, as when I am casual and with my kiddos I tend not to like dresses as much. These still felt special, but not fussy. The strap also had two levels of buttons, so I stuck to the XS even though I am a bit taller and they did not feel too cropped on me!

To wrap up my Target shopping spree I grabbed two graphic tees from the clearance section. I am obsessed with the golden girls from my childhood spent watching Nick at Nite each evening, so this Stay Golden tee caught my eye right away.

I then spied this pink number that just made me laugh, so grabbed it as well. Can't beat a Sex and the City quote and my job is SHOPPING so I figured it was appropriate!

Forgot how much fun it can be to have a few free seconds at Target and MAN did this small update make me smile:)

Hope everyone has been enjoying the sunshine the past few weeks. Spring, here we come!

xo Carly

xo Carly

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