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My favorite vest for fall! Buy of the Week: Carly

I am a sucker for JCrew's excursion vest and have been for years. I still remember using it in Boston on clients over 8 years ago! I have owned a black version for probably 7 years and a few years ago picked up a shiny navy version on clearance. Both are constants in my wardrobe as I am always running in and out of places and love having some warmth on my core, while still being able to flail around without a jacket (I am a big hand talker if you have never met me in person ;)

Any way, when this fall rolled around it was the first thing I checked out on JCrew's site as I was curious to what this year would bring. They still have the basic tried and true excursion vest, but this plush fleece version knocked my socks off. I'm a sucker for anything camel or taupe, so I quickly added the golden hickory version to my wardrobe and I have not been disappointed. I love that it is a fun sporty mix for a fur vest, a trend I have liked over the years on others but always seemed too much on me. It gives the same fur-like texture and warmth, but still makes me feel casual and not overdressed.

So here's to you JCrew. Your vests will always have a special spot in my heart and I am SO glad you have turned yourself around over the past few years with the rest of your clothes. I was getting worried about you!

xo Carly

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