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Hair Accessories: Headband loving!

I was NOT a big fan of headbands before I cut my hair. I have super thin hair and while I helped all my clients with their luscious locks stock up on head bands this past fall, they looked terrible on me. But now with my shorter do giving me more body (thanks Justine, you are the best!!) I have been wearing them (and stealing them from Anna) a fair amount!

I love the turban style for more of a statement and a flat style when I want to blend in more with my neighbors as a normal person :) When I first wore my turban style Michael started laughing at me. I REALLY liked it so continued wearing it. About a 1/2 hour later he says to me (while I rolled my eyes), "Hey, I actually think I like that". Amateur :)

All the ones I own that are not Anna's (I have purchased a bunch for her from Janie and Jack's sale section) are from JCrew. Here are a few of them:

Used this tortoise style a ton this fall!

Loving this style for summer!

This satin style has my name on it for summer!

The beloved turban style that started it all! I purchased a silver on super sale post the holidays, but adoring this leopard print and all the fun summer prints it comes in!

xo Carly

p.s. While on the topic of hair accessories, does anyone else watch Vanderpump Rules? It is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, however one of the characters on it, Rachael, drives me bonkers with all her hair accessories! TOO MUCH!

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