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Styling a Hat: Stylist Carly

I have LOVED hats my entire life. I went through a phase in high school-college were I went away from them, but before and after they have been a constant for me.

When I was in third grade, I entered a beauty pageant...gasp! Can't believe I did as I have never been very self confident, but my older sister had done it years before and it was super low-key so I of course wanted to also. I remember I wanted to wear a black hat for it (a la Debbie Gibson style) and a few of the girls I was competing against tried to talk me out of it. I wore it and was SO happy (thanks for nothing fake third grade friends, hahaha!). I didn't win (second runner up) but had a blast doing it and felt like a rockstar in my hat.

Now to current day...I wear hats constantly. In the spring, summer and vacation time for the sun and year round for style and so that I don't have to do my hair. I have four main styles I stick to: ball cap, straw floppy, panama (fedoras don't fit my face well), and beanie. For leaving on throughout the day, I'm not a beanie all-day gal, however my parents years ago got me one by free people that is knit for my birthday (because I LOVE hats) and I do from time to time leave on indoors (similar style here).

Ball caps are my go-to and I adore every one I have ever got from JCrew. They just fit my head well and are super great quality.

This is from last season, however I have plaid wools by them, striped cottons, liberty prints. You name it and they have all held up great. Not a ton of prints currently, but I think this color blocked solid has my name on it for summer.

Have I mentioned I love hats?!?

Next up are my fedoras. I have a LOT of fedoras as well. Have I mentioned I love hats?!? I swore by old navy's straw fedoras for years, but the past two seasons they have not put one out and luckily for me mine have still been in great shape.

On the wool front, my beloved Boston group of friends bought me my first Rag & Bone Panama hat five??? years ago after we hosted everyone for Camp Carly (Elizabeth, my friend, you are a star for organizing :) They still have the exact same hat all these years later for over $200 less than they used to be. They are amazing. I now also own a navy version and the one I'm wearing in this picture is one that my friend Katie had purchased and wasn't using. She is the best friend ever and knew that I LOVED hats so sent it my way. What a gal!

Last, but certainly not least are floppy hats. I wasn't so sure on this trend, but bought one last spring and it has quickly become my go-to.

On vacation I swear it is the only one I wear and I LOVE having it around the lake and yard to keep the sun off. I've never worn it for work, however I would certainly consider it as a fun accessory for a baby shower, farmer's market or outside party. Mine is JCrew and they still have the exact one if you are interested! It is a great substantial weight, but strangely does not get to hot.

I do tend to stick to JCrew and Rag & Bone for 95% of my hats, however have had some luck with Vince Camuto (I've bought all of mine from them at Nordstrom Rack). My sister also bought me this hat for my birthday from Tuckernuck. I've never had anything from the brand before, but she loves it and I am excited to try it out this summer. As you know I LOVE hats :)

Now off to do two virtual closets via zoom...can't wait for our weather to shape up and wear all these babies outside. Huge hugs,

xo Carly

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