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Short Round-Up: Carly

As the weather has heated up, it has been a crazy week in the Gatzlaff household with my kiddos, so no time for pictures! But I have been LOVING my current short line-up and know they will serve me well all summer long. My advice in a nutshell, stay 5" of shorter (YES, I'm talking to all of you!) and if you insist on a Bermuda grab these from the loft that are always fabulous on!

1) Favorite Denim Pair, Le Bridgette by Frame AND JCrew high rise

2) In between short: Currently wearing them as we speak :) JCrew seaside short. SO SO soft, but look like a real short!

3) Favorite casual short: Athleta Skyline Short

-Thank goodness for this warm sunny weather, huge hugs to everyone!


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