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Closet Organization: Carly's Closet

In the coming weeks, we will be giving everyone a quick peek into how we organize our closets. I'm going to start things out by giving you a quick walk around my space. I also have a video tour at the end if you prefer watching over reading :)

Our closet is straight off of our bathroom. There is no door, you just walk into it through the bathroom. Footprint wise, it is not large, however our closet designer was such a star that she made an amazing space for us with not a ton of space to work with.

Onto the closet... I constantly tell clients to HANG EVERYTHING THEY CAN. If you see it, you use it. If you can't see it/easily grab it, you often don't use it. With small closets, this can mean a lot of swapping out, however in my world that is worth it! New clothing to choose from every season, yes please! My hanging areas in my closet are:

1) Layers: I do my "nice layers" hung together and my "casual layers/sweatshirts" underneath. I don't put any workout stuff in here as I fold those down and put in drawers.

2) Shells: For spring/summer, I put all of my sleeveless knit/blouses and short sleeve TEES together by color. I do my short sleeve blouses and long sleeve tops/sweaters beneath. In the fall/winter I have less sleeveless/short sleeve so have my top rack just be all sleeveless/short sleeve and my bottom rack is all long sleeves and sweaters. I fold my cashmere sweaters, but hang all other sweaters as I really don't have any issues with my hangers on sweaters.

3) Long hang: For my pants, jumpsuits and dresses I have long hang snuck in the corner of my closet. I put my dresses in the back, as I use my pants/jumpsuits WAY more. If I want a dress, I'll take the time/have the time to dig for it.

4) Skirts, shorts, shoes: I hang all my nicer shorts and skirts on my final hanging section. I also keep my "super nice" jackets over here to give them a little more room to breathe and for a bit more display/get me to grab them. I think they have earned it, yes?!? Above all this is my tower of shoes. To say I like shoes is a vast understatement....My mother-in-law once joked with me that someone had asked her how many shoes I said and she laughingly said "probably 100". She said she hoped I wasn't offended by that. I laughed and said she undersold me :) :) :) With summer coming my sandal hanger on my long hang will likely go away as they move into prime time, but overall it stays roughly the same. I always do my shoes front and back and it allows you WAY more room for shoes and I think it looks pretty. Double win :)

5) Lastly for my folded/overflow: I fold all my denim and keep them at eyes level. I have a second shelf where I have folded pants that are colored/more interesting that is also where I put my folded sweaters. Up top, I put my off season denim and pants. I like to keep them in there as 1) I am lazy :) and 2) we travel a lot so sometimes I do pull them/use them in the off season. I am also a HUGE off season shopper, as I am cheap and like nice things. I like to know what I have so when I am shopping off season I know what is on my shopping list!

For the rest of my overflow I go up, up, up. I try to keep off season handbags in their dust bags and boots in their boxes. I don't keep shoe boxes (other than ones from very special purchases) so have over the years acquired a bunch of hat boxes that I keep shoes in. They were from my years of doing Box of Style, but if I didn't have them I think plastic would be my choice. It probably would work better as well so I could see everything, but personally I have them and I like the look so I use them! At end of a season, I typically find an hour and get out my step stool to change everything around for the season. This comes as a surprise to no one, but it is typically my happiest hour ever :) I adore hats so have a dedicated hat section for in season hats. I didn't take a picture of them, but I also hang my baseball hats on the side of my shoe tower.

For an up close and personal look into all of the above, check out below for a tour de Carly's Closet! Wishing everyone the absolute best during these trying times,

xo Carly

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