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Boiler Suit: Stylist Saturday Devin

I was never really into the "boiler suit" trend... well at least not on me personally. As a petite 5'2" tall, it's difficult to find one that fits properly. However, one day while shopping at, the one and only, Nordstrom, I came across this one on sale! Since it was on sale, I figured I would try it on and see what I thought. I loved it! My opinion completely changed after trying it on. The navy blue color and corduroy fabric combined with a shorter silhouette, seemed to make it more of a unique boiler suit.

While I was trying it on at Nordstrom, I tried it on with my Vans and they looked super cute with it! You could even pull a Julia Michaels (check out my blog on my style icon to see what I'm referencing) and wear a pair of fun socks with the Vans. Roll up the pant leg a bit so you can see the socks!

For this outfit, I chose to dress it up a bit and wear a pair of black booties with them. I tend to go back and forth of whether I like navy blue and black together, but I think it works here. I think they really elevate the look. If you're on the market for a pair of classic black booties, these are the ones to get! I'm super picky on the shape of the toe and don't like when they are super round, and I think the "rounded pointiness" of this particular pair is spot on. I also love the little studs on it to add a fun little touch to the look!

I urge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone when you go shopping next! It may surprise you!


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