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Spring Casual Wear: Stylist Saturday

Spring is nearly sprung and I am giddy with excitement. I have had a fabulous winter hiatus and the team and I are excited about what we have been cooking up for clients (more on that come early June!). A big thank you to my clients who dealt with my diva"ish" behavior this winter and will again this summer (reminder I will not be taking appointments June 15th-September 15th so please book with me asap for spring!). I love you and love getting to work with you!

For this weeks Stylist Saturday I decided to feature me on a run around casual day. I have made it a goal over the past year to wear less athleisure, get ready on days I'm not with clients (to a point :), and up the basics in my wardrobe. I feel like I have reached a fabulous point with my basics and other than a sneaker addition and fun bag for summer (I'm still hoping to snag this Clare V bag I am OBSESSED with) I am loving what is in my closet. As for less athleisure, I have gotten smarter about what I've been buying, making sure to focus on comfort comfort comfort so they are things I want to wear. This has been particularly evident in my pants/bottom buying.

Today was a work from home day, so I got up an hour before my kiddos for a quick 30 min workout, followed by shower (non-hair washing day), quick makeup (concealer, foundation, mascara, red lips, and lumify), and hair refresh before my loves awoke. Super silly plug, but I have SUPER red eyes every morning post kids. Last year on my annual trip to my eye doctor, who always tells me never to use red eye reducing drops which I hated as my eyes were so red, he told me about lumify. It does not hurt your eyes/dry them out and it takes the red right out. I recently saw a favorite blogger of mine plug the product (which made me laugh) and now I am, but this stuff is no joke. I have bottles all over my life and feel like it instantly always makes my eyes and face brighter!

Back to my outfit...This morning I grabbed my athleta straight leg jean, madewell t-shirt, jbrand denim jacket, and chocolate blu sneakers. It was a SUPER simple outfit, but I felt so good in it! My jeans I hacked off a bit as I didn't like the length them came at and are a washed black that give them a bit more life. I bought them last fall, but this is their spring version of the same denim. My tee is boring, but the stripes give some interest and I like the pop of maroon in it (madewell whisper cotton from last year, but nothing similar out yet for spring). My denim jacket again on paper not exciting, but it is one of two jbrand denim I have and it has a crazy big blocked color change on the middle. I don't wear it when I have a busy outfit (than I wear my plain one...this year's version), but I LOVE tossing on something with a bit more life. My sneakers are now two years old (and on their last life), but again are super comfy and have an interesting metallic detail. If you follow where I am going here, all this stuff is super basic. However when done together I think in person it makes for a super interesting outfit that none of the other moms at my school drop off are wearing, but I also fit in with the rest of my suburb (kind off....I like standing out a little and I am sure everyone in my neighborhood finds me crazy as I am not wearing a Patagonia and jeans :)

Makes me feel great, I am SUPER comfy for whatever my day brings, and I hope you enjoy!

Spring here we come!!!

xo Carly

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