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The Timberland Boot You NEED

So at A La Mode, we all kind of have a shoe obsession. Shoes are an easy addition to make into the closet, and the size remains consistent year-round. I never stray from quality brands, though. You are given one pair of feet and we need to take the best care of them. The issues a person can develop from wearing ill-supporting shoes can be rather alarming. Take our advice, and make sure your toesies are happy :)

This brings me to our Buy-Of-The-Week product!

I bought these Timberland Jayne boots back in November. I was searching for something to use that was between my rain boots and my Sorel winter boots. It needed to be transitional to wear with my workout apparel but also polished enough to wear with jeans and leggings. This was THE boot I needed. As soon as I put them on the comfort level was incredible!

These are available at multiple retailers and are around $160.00. The quality, comfort and outfit-pairing options are beyond worth the cost. I give this boot 5 stars! I wear them daily between dance, errands and clients!

Tis the season for Midwest winter!



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