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Must-Have Boot! Buy of the Week: Carly

Last spring, I was approached by consolidated shoes to check out and select a pair of their shoes. I had a fun time digging around and landed on my buy of the week, this boot by OTBT.

Winter had just ended and I swear I had been looking for a boot like this all last winter with no avail. Now bring in the early cold fall we have been having and this boot has been getting MEGA play in my closet. The fact that I can slip it on has been key to me. It has been a constant for me anytime I have on a skinny denim or legging (which is a lot on casual days!!!). Don't love the look with my straight leg pants as I have a more streamlined pikolinos that I prefer, but has been killer with skinny. The flaps can be worn up or down, but I typically like to wear them with the center flap down and sides up for a pop of sherling.

I have gotten compliments/asks on this boot every time I have worn it. At the dog park, at Target, wearing to a closet analysis, and at my kids school, etc. I always felt bad recommending it as there were only a few sizes left on their website, but what is left (still an 8.5 and then lots of smaller sizes) is marked down right now to $78 (from $195 and this boot is worth $195, it has a super quality make and look)! But in writing this blog I now feel better as I found both the black and grey (also super cute) on Amazon (for only $72) and they have ALL THE SIZES!!!! Thank you Mr. Bezos

Now to follow-up with all those people who asked me about them.....ha!

Wishing you a warmer and stylish fall everyone!

xo Carly

*This is not a sponsored post, but I was gifted the boots by consolidated shoes.*

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