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Kids back to school looks! Stylist Saturday: Carly

I need to get back on taking pictures of myself, but in the meantime I figured I'd feature my littles in their back to school outfits. I LOVE mini boden clothes so when I received their catalog mailer in mid August I let both kiddos pick out something they loved. Anna went right for this rainbow dress, which surprised me as I thought for sure she would pick something with sparkles. I'm the mean mom who doesn't like sparkles and never buys anything with them, so was THRILLED with her choice. I finished the look off with a Hanna Andersen basic capri in red, gap socks which I adore and always have on hand, and some Zara booties I had gotten for Anna last Spring (this years version).

John choose this shirt from mini boden (he is obsessed with Cheetahs), but decided he wanted to wear the cheetah Tucker and Tate shirt I had got him on Nordstrom's anniversary sale as it was "scarier"!?! I bought him some tucker and tate shirts last season on sale at Nordstrom as well and have been thrilled with how they held up. They are way softer than any of his other tees and even with once a week washing they have held up great. He decided to layer it with his mini boden cheetah shirt under (can one have too many cheetahs?!?), his cat and jack joggers which have saved me in the pants department (John is super skinny and all pants fall off him, these are his one pair he can run in and not have to hold up), and stride rite sneaker boots.

Needless to say, I thought they were the cutest kids in their classes :) More importantly both had a fabulous start to school. John's last year of preschool and Anna's first (a one hour program once a week).

Hope everyone is getting in the swing of fall and school!

xo Carly

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