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Stylist Saturday: My go-to children's sunglasses

When it comes to things for my children, I aim for practical purchases that are still stylish, without breaking the bank. While scrolling for a picture for this weeks stylist Saturday, I keep seeing a familiar item for my kiddos I adore, babiators!

John received his first pair as a present when he was a babe and I have never looked back. I have tried other sunglasses for my loves, however they always seem to feel either too plasticy, too heavy, or too stiff and I just feel bad putting them on John and Anna. They also have the post amazing policy...if anything happens to them within a year of purchase, they send you a new pair for FREE! The first pair John had he chucked in the lake while we were kayaking. Four days later, another pair showed up in my mail!

So without further adieu, a few of my summer faves featuring said sunglasses!

Hope you and yours are having an amazing summer,

xo Carly

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