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Buy of the Week: Carly

My buy of the week is actually something I purchased last year and saw that JCrew is offering it again this season. It truly has been probably my best buy of the past two years as I use it constantly!

I am speaking of a boring striped rash guard I bought last summer. Though it doesn't drive me wild with excitement it has been AMAZING to use for a few reasons:

1) I keeps me warm on early summer lake days when I would rather not be in the water with my kiddos

2) It matches with ALL my suits. Whether I am wearing a patterned bikini, one piece or even solid black, it truly matches with everything

3) It protects me from the sun. I think everyone is a lot more aware of the sun these days, but I adore after a day on the water or early in the day to just toss this on and know I don't have to instantly slather myself with sunscreen. I have not traveled without this baby as we tend to travel to warm weather and it has saved me on all of my beach vacations.

4) It still looks like new. I was a little worried with the white, but I have given this item no special love or laundering and it still looks like the day I bought it.

Rock on rashguards!

xo Carly

A typical day in the Gatzlaff household of our kiddos on boat rope duty while we get to play for a bit! Check out my rashguard :)

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