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Stylist Saturday: Sydnie

When we first meet our clients, our main goal is to learn their individual lifestyles. I say this because what a person does day to day, is going to dictate what clothes they are going to wear. Of course, there are other contributions to this formula; personal aesthetic, season, comfort, and any other little detail in between. Regarless, a person's weekly routine is something we take into a large consideration for executing our services.

I've talked about this in past blog posts, but my own lifestyle varies from teaching dance to meeting with clients. Long story short: my clothes need to function but have a polished appearance depending on what the day entails.

I celebrated my 28th birthday a couple of weeks ago. This day was not different from any other day as most of us above the age of 21 can relate to. We go to work and continue our same rituals with some added recognition from friends and family. So to keep things fresh, I started a tradition last year that if I were working on my birthday, I would buy and wear a new outfit just to help the day feel extra special. Trust me, you're never too old for this. You deserve to give yourself a little love :)

Here is everything you need to complete the look from head to toe:

Cheers to living your life in style!



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