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Spring But Make It Sassy

I am so excited about warm weather... you have no idea! The lake in my backyard is melting and I'm beyond excited to get down there to fish and kayak!

That being said, this spring and summer aren't going to be like Spring/Summer 2020... The world is slowly returning back to normal and that means I have to start transitioning my sweats into more put-together looks. However, I have come to value comfort on a whole different level this past year, so I need to make sure what I'm wearing is still comfy yet cute and trendy. This is when a t-shirt dress comes to play.

T-shirt dresses are perfect for the warm seasons. They are super comfy, easy to throw on and go, and can be dressed up or down. But because I'm me, and I need sass in my outfits, I, of course, take it to a different level.

I found this Grateful Dead T-shirt Dress on Urban Outfitters Website and I just had to have it. It's so cool and I can wear it as a dress, with biker shorts, as an oversized tee with denim shorts, the list goes on. I could even tuck it in or tie it in a knot and wear it with jeans. I wanted to add to the edginess of the look, so I chose to finish off the outfit with my Gucci booties dupes! I am obsessed with these and there are so many good dupes out there, especially at Steve Madden!

Happy Spring!

XO, Dev

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