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À La Mode Experience: Natural makeup with our guru Debi!

Want to know one of my dirty secrets? I am TERRIBLE with makeup. Seriously no idea what I am doing. I grew up with a mom who would take me to the clinque counter (thanks mom!) and I would just get whatever they told me to use. Over the years, I have become a modge podge of cheap drugstore makeup I have read about through online blogs and expensive makeup that I have been talked into at Sephora and Nordstrom. Overall, I can put it on and it looks fine, however I was SO excited to have a consult with our very own Debi (which you can too!) to create a quick out the door natural look.

I learned a ton from Debi that I have been using in the proceeding weeks. I have never really thought twice about putting makeup on, but since our time together I honestly can say that I love it. I have felt a lot more brave about trying out new things and her many tips have made a huge difference. The following is my general take aways from our time together (with product that she used linked below):

Here goes nothing!

Start with eyes first, so if there is any fall out from the eye you can clean it up. Do all of your eyes, but do not do mascara on your bottom lash until the very end!

Getting ready for your eyes

Primer: All over, no must-have favorite but often uses MAC

Concealer: Use a brush to put some concealer on it and dab on eye lids. Make a triangle that starts under my eyes, down the side of nose, up to cheekbone. Blend with brush.

Highlighter: On cheekbones, down sides of my nose, above eyebrows


Not sold on priming eyes so no need to do it before applying eye product/shadow

Eyeliner: wet flat edge brush and use eye shadow, winging it out the the side just past my eye. Have always wanted to try a cat eye but was too afraid. Watch out Lauren Conrad...I'm coming for you!!

Eyes: Dabbing brown eye shadow on eyelids

Mascara: Just on the top lash. Tips first than start at the base to build it up. Debi approved of my Lancome Definicils...a favorite of my mom. Thanks mom!

Rest of face

Eyebrow: Sephora brush that is buildable. Start from inside and work your way out, feeling free to go back and forth throughout. Definitely buying this, was SO much better than my current pencil I use.

Concealer: Line the under the brow with concealer (I already had the concealer Debi suggested, yay for reading about cheap drugstore beauty online!)

Foundation: Work in with a big flat brush

Highlighter liquid: Just underneath the cheekbones (was super impressed by this stuff, have never used anything similar before)

Highlighter powder: Fan brush on the cheekbones

Nars Concealer to create the bronze (No idea you could do this!!!): On forehead, along jawline, under chin. Use flat brush to bring it down underneath my cheekbones. Down forehead and across entire lower jawline.

3-d highlighter with fan brush back across under cheekbones

Contouring my nose: under tip and down the sides with a light brown highlighter

Blush on cheeks!

Mascara on bottom eyelashes, use a brow brush to remove any mascara that has fallen on the face.

Highlighter in center on eye lid

Line lips: looks good on everyone and will stay during lunch! On outside of lips and in a line down the center on the lip to make look fuller. Have never lined my lips before, but LOVED this. Definitely going to buy!

Lipstick on top, finishing with gloss. Debi also said a great thing to try is just use chapstick or gloss and dap on some sparkly blush right in the middle (she showed me and it looked amazing!!)

WOWSA...this sounds like it would take forever, but since our time together I (still a rookie) can definitely accomplish what Debi taught me in under 10 minutes. More importantly I feel just as happy with it as I did when she finished!!

Also a makeup rookie? Definitely consider a makeup session with Debi. Just like all of À La Mode's services, it is a zero pressure time, so unlike going to your favorite makeup counter or sephora you can just learn, learn, learn and there is never any need to buy product if you don't want to!

Thanks for reading!


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