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Buy-Of-The-Week: Stylist Sydnie

I have to be 100% honest. I was nervous about coming up with subject matter for the "poncho" topic. That is, until I was going through my closet trying on items, and preparing another yearly clothing purge :) I had just brought back my fall/winter items from seasonal storage. One of the

sweaters had an open inner sleeve with a fitted waist; a piece my mom had gotten me for Christmas a few years back. The color blocking and fitted waist really made the fuller sleeve seem more balanced. I looked in the mirror to assess fit. It occurred to me, this could be my way of wearing something that resembled a poncho.

I'm sure you're wondering "What's your beef with ponchos?" I'm all about being wrapped in a blanket, don't get me wrong. However, often times, the ponchos are either one size or S/M to M/L. This makes it difficult to be well-portioned with the amount of volume. At 5'2", I can't afford to look any shorter :) There are definitely ways to emphasize waist, though. Between belting and layering, options exist.

Although I don't have a replica link at the moment for the top above, I do have ideas for you for making the poncho work!

What: Color Block Poncho

Cost: Around $100; keep in mind, lot's of sales happening, too!

Wear & Pair: Jeans, cords, leggings, and pants could all pair with a poncho or poncho style sweater. Remember, because they tend to be more voluminous, aim to have a more fitted bottom and try to add a heel or wedge to extend height. Accessories such as a belt or necklace can also be used to break up some of the excess fabric. Play around and see what feels like YOU! A fitted long sleeve top can also be put underneath for extra warmth.

Happy Tuesday!



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