Buy-of-the-Week: High Boots

I LOVE high boots. As a mom, I often feel like I am toeing the line of is this too mommy/is this too over the top and I feel like over the knee boots are my ticket to balancing both in the winter.

I have two go to pairs. One is a pair with a 3" stiletto pair in a dark gray Stuart Weitzman I splurged on around three years ago (this seasons version to the side).

I bought them end of season when Mall of America still had a store (tear) and I will love them forever. I wore them a ton pre-covid with dresses that were not super fitted and over skinny jeans when I was wearing something longer or baggier on the top. For my style, I wouldn't wear them with something super fitted (I'm blushing writing this now :) but I feel killer in them whenever I wear them.