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Stylist Saturday Scarves: Carly

Happy fall ya'll! I have been having so much fun with outfits lately, fall really is the best. Just wait until we can break out our jackets in a few weeks, my heart is screaming inside!

I made a VIDEO for this week about how I like to style scarves, so instead of words this week I am using pictures. The scarf I feature in the pictures/videos I purchased from John's Tailors in Roseville last year. I really like them as tailors and this was an absolute added bonus in a cashmere scarf that is REALLY good quality for around $100. My general thoughts on scarf buying are go big and oblong in a thinner/not too thick material and you are golden. Love a silk square for a fun pop, but anything infinity is on my more work than it's worth list.

Hugs to all of you, has been a blast seeing clients again, wishing you all the best!



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