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Stylist Saturday: Devin

I LOVE me a good thigh high boot!! This trend brings me back to my college days when you would see every single girl at a bar wearing a pair of thigh highs, myself included! They are so easy to wear with everything and are no longer a trendy item to me. They are a classic! A need for every closet! To the right is a fun little throw back to my first pair of thigh high boots! I used to wear them with short dresses or skirts but I still think they look great with jeans!

Today, I would again style them with a dress. I recently purchased this Rails dress from Evereve and I think it looks adorable with thigh high boots! The boots really elevate the look and make it much more trendy looking.

As for finding the perfect pair of boots, I get pretty picky. I am a huge stickler for toe shape and heel height. I have tried boots without any heel and it makes me look beyond short and stubby... granted that I'm already very short coming in at a solid 5'2"! The pair that I'm wearing in the picture above became way too tall for me as my chronic illness became worse. I would be able to wear a good 4-5 inch heel before but as of 3 years ago, that heel height has shortened to a maximum of 2-3 inches. Luckily enough, Steve Madden came out with the perfect heel height and toe shape thigh high boot! They were on the Anniversary Sale a couple years back and they still have them! Plus... THEY'RE ON SALE!!!

I really love what the other wonderful A La Mode Stylists have done by creating a dream board-esque collage, so I thought I would hop on the trend too!

I hope you love them!



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