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Current Trends: Schitt's Creek Edition

Over the course of Covid, I've had A LOT of time (like many of you), to watch a new TV series. I had been told by several friends that I needed to watch Schitt's Creek. The dramatized humor sucked me in, as did the fashion. In my opinion, the most notably dressed character was Moira Rose. Like her character, her wardrobe is edgy, over-the-top, and dripping with accessories (wigs being her favorite). I grew to love her character as the seasons went on.

Apparently she is still very much in my mind because when Stylist Kathy and I did a retail escape to Mall of America this week, I was seeing SO many things that Moira Rose herself would wear. Could she be the trend icon of 2021???

Perhaps. I definitely wouldn't be upset about seeing people dressed in the same nature; especially after having an overload of sweatpants and athleisure surrounding us for the last 6+ months.

To help get this wardrobe going, here is your own Moira Rose starter pack :) Click the links to find the product!

AND....if you haven't watched Schitt's Creek, please do yourself a favor and take a watch!



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