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Stylist Saturday: Sydnie

I am thrilled to be back shopping at Mall of America with some of my clients!! Online work is convenient but there is nothing like being in the space, touching the fabric, and actually trying it on. I feel so much more successful as a stylist when I can make all of these elements happen. The education people get from an in-person shop tends to be rather eye-opening, too. As much as a majority of our clients dread physically shopping, they are pleasantly surprised after getting some direction with us supporting their style goals. We live for this experience and are simply so happy to be back doing what we love IN PERSON.

This brings me to today's outfit. I was taking a new client shopping and had not yet met her in person. Based on conversation over the phone for a consultation, I gathered that she was laid back in style with pops of edge in regards to her layers, shoes, and graphic tees. Often times, I want to base my outfit choice on what my client is like. This is still going to be my personal aesthetic, but because dress is the first non-verbal communicator, I want this to make a perfect impression to start out the services. A relatable outfit can put a client at ease and give them assurance we will give them the right items and advice.

So let's break down today's outfit and get you set up with the links to create the look yourself!

Espadrille Black Wedge (Franco Sarto is a go-to fit for me personally)

***You could easily add a denim jacket to this look and even swap out the shoe for a cute sneaker***

Cheers and happy Saturday!



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