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Buy of the Week: Kathy

While stuck in quarantine, I decided to try several new beauty products that I normally wouldn't take the time experimenting. But, I had the time and I normally would be spending money on hair care and nails. Those options were closed because of Covid-19 so, why not do a little research?! These are my finds.

How: For those of us that have larger pores, this product is great for filling in pores before putting on foundation.

Why: It creates a smooth foundation

Cost: $13.99


Why: I've battled dry lips for as long as I can remember.

I read a review in the book "How Not to Look Old" by Charla Krupp. It's a great book, by the way. It was published in 2008 but, other than fashion trends much of her advice is timeless good advice. Anyways, it was in her book she suggested Kiehl's lip balm as the best lip moisturizer. So, I thought it was worth a try.

Cost: $10.00 for a .5 oz tube that can easily fit in a pocket

I've found that it goes a long ways and it has truly kept my lips from cracking and peeling. I highly recommend this product. I love it!


What: Latisse (eyelash enhancer)

Why: Maybe I'm vain! LOL

I'm not one to do anything real serious at my dermatologist. I avoid knives and things that burn your skin to make it better. I'm not into pain and as much as I'm not comfortable with the aging process; I want to be. I believe aging is a beautiful thing that not everyone gets to experience. But, come on! I'm still trying to find ways to fight this process! So, my last purchase before the Covid shut-down was to run to my dermatologist and purchase a six month box of Latisse eye-lash enhancer solution. It comes in a tiny bottle with a ton of little paint brushes to apply a drop of the solution along your eyelash line before going to sleep. It's a process that takes a couple months to start seeing the results. I am starting to see the results. My eye lashes are starting to look as they did in my youth.

Cost: $100.00

I'm a fan of this product. It takes patience but, it works.

Here's to new solutions!


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