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Buy of the Week: Sydnie

Over quarantine (since March), I have not gone to get my nails done. While I do occasionally enjoy doing them myself, I actually really appreciate a good naked nail. For this to be successful, it's important to keep those nails strong and healthy. In addition to my BOTW product, you will want to have the following on hand to complete your at-home-mani:

2. Nail Clipper

3. Nail File (these are my fave as I keep them in places like my purse)

4. Cuticle Gel/Oil

5. Cuticle Tool

6. OPTIONAL--a good hand scrub, because it feels good :)

To complete the look, add O.P.I Natural Nail Strengthener. It gives the nails a slight sheen and helps protect the nails from breaking and peeling. This can also be used as your base coat if you would like to add color. From there, make sure to finish up with a top coat!

Being that these times call for less formal fashion additives, I will continue to do a natural nail on the fingers and color on the toes! It's an easy combination and can be done through multi-tasking. I can't say my multi-tasking is super productive, but I do love a good episode of The Office while I am painting :)



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