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Looking Fashionable - eyewear

What it is:

A new pair of everyday prescription glasses

Where I bought it:

Cost: $15.95 (Yes, $15.95!!!)

How I will wear it:

My prescription glasses busted last week. I've been afraid that would happen; they are my favorites. But, last year I found this amazing website with hundreds of prescription frames for a fraction of what I paid for this pair that I got at my eye doctor's. For fun last winter, I ordered three pairs as an experiment to see if the glasses were really as good as they advertise and if they got my prescription correct. They did! There are tons of styles and colors. You can upload a picture of yourself and do a virtual try-on of the glasses. When you find that perfect pair, you enter your prescription and order. It really is that easy.

As a girl that loves accessories, this opened a whole new window!

I ordered a brown and black pair of glasses to replace the black pair that broke last week. I paid an $8 fee to have them in a week and here they are today in my mailbox. I have to say, I like them better than the pair that I spent the big bucks on. And...the price is a disposable price.

Ways I will wear them?

On my face! LOL

Final Rating: 5 stars - Ridiculously good prices and quality

Happy Wardrobing!


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