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Product Review: Scruples hair Spray

What it is:

Where I bought it:

Cost: $18.00 for 10.6 oz


Hair. It's always been really important to me. When I was really young, I had long straigth thick golden hair.

< -- age 5)

Around third grade, the Dorothy Hamill haircut became the rage and I got the "Dorothy" cut. But, when my hair was cut, curls showed up that had been weighted down before. How to work with my hair became a frustration.

(age 12 -->

In sixth grade, I wanted a new "do" but, couldn't afford to get one. So, turning to my older teenage sister for help, we closed the bathroom door and both exited it in horror. I insisted she cut my hair and she tried her best but, the cutting was a bit too much. THIS is where my patience for hair growth took root.

(age 20 -->

If I'm allowed only one spurge expense, it will always be my hair. You wear your hair everyday; all the time. It's worth the investment. My personal hair stylist is Sam Jamieson of Sola Solons in Burnsville. She introduced me to the Scruples hair care product line. The Scruples High Definition hair spray is my favorite of their products.

It allows my hair to keep its hold and yet still be moveable and not stiff. It is kind to my hair, not drying it out. I highly recommend it.

< -- age 50)

Happy Wardrobing!


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