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Summer Skirt Stylist: Stylist Sydnie

This week as I was preparing to write this blog, I looked in my closet to find 2 skirts. Yes, 2 skirts. Both of which, are a ponte knit fabric. I guess you could say that I don't often wear skirts, not that I am opposed by any means; I just find that I don't buy them or put them on the way I do jeans, pants, and dresses. This could be a new opportunity for me. We'll see!

What I have come up with for you today, is an easy formula in creating an effortless summer skirt look. This could work with a variety of skirts outside my basic black knit skirt. However, I will say that this ponte knit skirt is in my closet because it is rather season-less. Over the winter I paired this with tights, sweaters, leather jacket, and ankle booties. It was so effortless. Now I am taking the same skirt into warmer temperatures.

Here are the components you need to make it happen (click on item for link idea):

1. Skirt--------------I highly recommend, if you are a skirt person to have a versatile option like this to mix and match looks throughout the different seasons.

2. Basic Tee-------This can be solid or patterned in a variety of colors. I used white because it's an easy canvas to work from.

3. Denim Jacket--Medium to light washes always screams summer. Make sure the bust pockets are center on the chest and it hits correctly on the waist.

4. Wedge Sandal-This doesn't have to be overly high. We want the leg line to be extended so the biggest thing is the toe shape of the shoe being more almond shaped.

5. Scarf--------------Add this pop of accessory around your neck, hair or purse strap. It's a nice way to put in color or pattern to a basic outfit as well.

***TIP: Tuck your tee into shapewear and then put the skirt over. This keeps the lines of the tee smooth under the skirt.

I was in between teaching virtual dance classes when I put the outfit on myself, so I ended up keeping on my Athleta tank with the skirt. It also worked super well. You can get the idea how easy it is to change out pieces to make it a different outfit :)

Keep calm and fashion on, my friends!



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