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Styling a Hat: Stylist Sydnie

A hat is a rather timeless accessory. I think back to my History of Dress class in college. Through new eras, headpieces were often a status symbol. Berets, bonnets, bowlers, fedoras, the list goes on. As something that likely started for function, turned into fashion and statement. Today, hats continue to influence in the wardrobe scene.

For myself, I have found it rather challenging to find THE hat. I wear my glasses 95% of the time. To be honest, they are my favorite accessory. They pop the eye color and also conceal any under-eye bag I may be experiencing ;) A hat would have to be cohesive with my glasses unless I was going to wear contacts. In this instance, I go for my Madewell baseball hat (similar), which has a stripe and gold metal clasp that bring interest but in a subtle way. It is the perfect sporty look for jeans and tee.

However, a few years ago, I found myself at Von Maur. If you haven't been, you must check it out once quarantine time is over (Eden Prairie & Rosedale Malls)! As I entered I felt like I was transported back in time to a classic brick-and-mortar store you see black and white photos of in New York City. The aesthetic feels high-class yet inviting. The layout is visible and not over-crowded.

In their accessories section, they have an entire area dedicated to hats. Not just everyday hats. Unique hats. One that you might wear to a party. Others could be season focused. I started playing dress-up in a way that I hadn't in years. Amazing how one accessory can inspire you in that way.

I have found 2 separate hats, both being more of a fedora style. A fedora is defined by being a low, soft hat, with the crown creased front to back (Survey of History Costume, Tortura, Eubank).

It started being worn by men in the 1880's. Based on my research, I don't actually believe women started wearing the fedora until the late 1960's; a period of time that really started to push the boundaries in more than just fashion.

Regardless of orient, I love the way the fedora looks paired with glasses. Face shape and glasses shape can also contribute to the overall look.

Happy Hat Wearing!!



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