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Styling a Blazer: Stylist Sydnie

We are continuing to see how each stylist wears her blazer. A couple of weeks ago, I gave you all

a sneak peek into my personal closet space. The closets and storage spaces are by no means, large. Therefore, the items that go in them, need to be versatile, fit seamlessly, and reflect my personal style.

For me, buying a blazer means I will own 2-4 based on the closet allotment. I may not do much for statement, but more so choose classic and ones that blend into multiple outfits. I don't steer towards the strict business attire suit jacket either, though. I aim to go between trend and business. Within this realm, I pick out the un-lined jackets that have stretch. I always recommend a good ponte knit blazer when a client has a business casual dress code. This sort of thing goes into work, evening, and weekend.

Today, I have a blazer from Banana Republic that is un-lined, light-weight, partial wool, and incorporates stretch. The color is also a reflection in versatility. Grey will harmonize with almost any color; the only one I wouldn't steer toward would be brown. If you are limited in what you can have in your wardrobe, I highly suggest this for a color of blazer.

I really wanted to reiterate how many ways a blazer like this could go, so I put together 5 unique outfits. You will notice that my outfits are very neutral for comparison purposes, but don't hesitate to exchange pieces in your own outfits, that include vibrant color, shoe styles, accessories, etc. This is where your personal style should shine.

For me, I utilized a basic tee that has an artistic facial design. I'm always obsessed with black and white pairing; with occasional pops of jewel and earth tones. I tend to stick to silhouettes that accentuate the body, as I am petite and can easily be shortened by excess volume. I guess you could say my personal style is more on the classic end with nods to trends in accessories, shoes, and knit pieces. When I choose to display a trend, it's likely not a high-investment piece. I like to "try it on" through easy, non-committal items.

I hope that this blazer segment from us stylists, brings you new insight to your personal aesthetic! It's such a fun thing to discover and curate your wardrobe :)



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