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Closet Organization: Stylist Devin

Welcome to my closet! I have a smaller closet than I would like, therefore, I had to get creative with my space. This means I took over the closet in the hallway that used to be a bathroom and made it into my second closet! So yes, I have two closets!

The closet in my bedroom is where I keep the clothes I reach for on the daily. It houses my tops, jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, blazers, skirts, and my shoes. I also have a dresser in my bedroom that I keep my graphic tee's, leggings, shorts, sweatpants, and underwear in. In my bedroom closet, I organize all of my tops by sleeve length first and then within that category, I organize it by color. For example, I start on the far left with tanks and it goes white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, grey, black. I always start with white and then end with black so I can see clearly where each category begins and ends. Organizing these items like this really helps when creating an outfit.

My jeans in this closet are also organized by style and color. I have all of my skinny jeans together on one shelf and my straight legs and cropped flare jeans are on the floor below my skinny jeans, sorted by color. As for my sweatshirts, I don't organize these in any particular way. I just keep my favorites on the shelf that easiest to get to!

I keep my shoes in this closet because I don't really have another area that they would go. I could put them in my hallway closet but I think the way I did it works perfectly! In my old house, I didn't have a place for them either, so I bought this shoe rack from Target and I just had it against my wall in my bedroom. The closet in my new bedroom had the perfect cubby that fit this shoe rack perfectly! Instead of adding a bar into this closet to house my dresses, I decided to put my shoes here and my dresses in the hallway closet.

My shoes aren't organized in any particular way, except for my booties at the top because they only fit there!

As for the dresser in my room, I'm really not fond of dressers because for the life of me, can't keep them organized! I have tried countless methods on how to keep them organized and only one thing worked for me. I roll my t-shirts so I can see the graphic. By doing this, I'm able to lift up the t-shirt without unfolding it and find the shirt I'm looking for. This is by far the best method I've found but please let me know if you have any other methods!

The closet in the hallway is where my dresses and jackets mostly live. Since I don't reach for these daily, I decided to keep these there. I also have a lot of my miscellaneous stuff in this closet, like my swimsuits, memorabilia from college, etc. In this closet, I only color coordinate my dresses. For some reason, I know my dresses extremely well. I tend to forget what tops I have much more easily than my dresses so I don't need to organize these within two categories.

Lastly, I want to suggest that everyone buys these velvet hangers. They are AMAZING! I've been using them hangers for years. They are very skinny so I can stuff a lot of clothes in my closet and nothing falls off of them! I also like that they're all the same color because it makes it look much neater!

I hope you all take the time and organize your closet! I promise you won't regret it!


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