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Rent the runway unlimited review, oh the drama (caused by me)! Stylist Saturday Carly

I've learned a lot about myself and my shopping habits this past month. As an early Christmas gift my husband gifted me two months of rent the runways unlimited service. He gave it to me early as he thought I would love having it around the holidays (yes!). I started it December 11th and am VERY happy to tell you I ended it a month early, PHEW!

It was a fabulous gift idea from Michael (kudos to him) and I was so excited to receive it. My first rental lot included a terrible jogger pant I sent immediately back, a Tibi sweater I loved and received lots of compliments on, a Clare V tote (shown in the picture below) that I LOVED and wanted to keep forever (going to try and purchase online) and a jacket that was a size 12 blazer I didn't order/was sent in error. So off to UPS I rushed to return two items and order two more. The leg time here was around 5 days before I shipped off/then received new items (even though one of the items they sent me in error, which miffed me a bit, as I didn't get credit for it).

Getting close to Christmas I decided (like the rest of the nation :) that a dress would be a good idea. A lot of what I liked was already unavailable, but I happened on a dress by Le Maison Taluhah that I adored and loved on. It did not arrive in time for Michael's Christmas party, but did make it in time for my trip to ND for the week so I got to rock it on Christmas eve and felt fabulous in it! I also ordered a sherling jacket to replace what I was sent in error and also really loved that piece wore it a couple of times running around over the holiday.

Post Christmas, I just got down on everything about the service. I was spending SO much time looking through their amazing inventory (it really is awesome), but I was constantly worried about getting things that either would not fit/I would not like OR that I would get it and not use enough. I adore high end clothes, but things like my theory jacket which I found at Optiz Outlet (in the picture with the Clare V tote I loved) bring me endless joy as I know I get it for the long haul and I love getting a good deal. Living in fear and remorse just gave me so much anxiety, even though I really loved a lot of the pieces I got.

So in short, I canceled after a month. I felt SO happy leaving UPS the final time with nothing and just kept a credit to RTR for the remaining month (fingers crossed for me that the Clare V. bag one day makes it into their sample sale...which if you have never checked out is a super fun place to look!) or a future one time rental. Have any of you ever tried the RTR unlimited? Thoughts on it?



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