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Leather Leggings: May be my new favorite item.

Hello and happy 2020 New Year to all of you!

I hope this blog finds you well! I am officially back in Minnesota after taking a trip to Las Vegas (my first time) and then 11 days of holiday time back home in South Dakota. With all of the packing, unpacking, wearing and re-wearing, I quickly discovered what pieces in my wardrobe I was truly loving.

This holiday season, four of my favorite pieces come from four different stores. As much as I have my go-to stores and brands, I really try to branch out so that I can give my clients a wider source of options. It's a great learning experience and I end up finding things that are unexpected.

Here are the pieces from shirt to shoes:

1. Silky Floral Shirt------------From Zara priced at $39.90 (similar)

2. Plaid Car Coat--------------From Express priced at $168.00 (similar)

3. Faux Leather Leggings---From White House Black Market priced at $68.00

4. Black Ankle Booties-------From DSW priced at$89.99

The aspects that are so fun about these pieces, are the textures and patterns. It gives you a chance to play with your closet in unique ways. I tell people often, but there are many more right ways to pair outfits, than there are wrong. Clients are often worried that they will make a mistake when it comes to putting garments together. My advice? Play dress up! Take pictures of things you are loving and reference those images when you get into a rut.

Make it a goal this year to dress fearlessly and confidently! We're here to help you through!

Happy New Year!



***Side note: Do not dry the leggings. I accidentally did and the fabric was not happy. Thus I bought a second pair because I'm OBSESSED.***

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