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Channeling Jonathan Van Ness: Stylist Saturday Devin

I'm going to start this story with a semi-embarrassing background story. I am a huge fan of the Netflix show, Queer Eye. If you haven't seen it, you really need to. It's such an empowering show and I want to be every single member of the Fab 5. Even though I love everyone, I really love Jonathan Van Ness. He is my spirit animal. I even have him as my icon picture on Netflix! Anyways, a few months ago, I was watching Queer Eye when all of the sudden Jonathan pops up on the screen wearing a sweater THAT I HAVE!! I got so extremely excited that I ran upstairs to my closet, put the sweater on (over my comfy clothes) and had my friend take a picture of me standing next to the TV. It was such a proud moment for me!

When I wear this sweater, I instantly feel so much cooler just because I know Jonathan has it too! I imagine him saying "yass queen" to me when I have it on!

This sweater is such a unique item that when I saw it, I just had to have it! Lucky for me, I found it for a steal of a deal at Nordstrom Rack in the spring, but unfortunately, I am unable to find it now. So instead, I have found this similar sweater so you can achieve a similar look!

Since both of these sweaters are pretty busy, I believe that it looks best when matched with a simple bottom, so that's what I did here. I chose to wear my favorite pair of dark skinny jeans from Zara and a pair of black booties from Marc Fisher. This allows the attention to be kept on the sweater. Not only is this just a cute outfit, it's a great cozy option for the super cold days like today! This sweater is super warm, so if you run hot, like me, save it for the days that are super cold and you want to bundle up!

I hope you all have a happy holiday and stay warm!


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