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I wore a belt! Stylist Saturday Carly

On a recent shop, I shocked myself! For the first time in five years, I WORE A BELT!!! My husband and I have been binge watching Billions, and the main characters girlfriend wore pretty much denim, a fitted sweater tucked in, a blazer, and a big belt in every episode.

I have been looking for a wider belt for a few holiday outfits, so when I spotted this from BR recently I grabbed it. I liked that it had a bit of interest with the gold and suede and that I could wear it at my waist (it is a waist belt) with skirts/dresses and with all my high waisted pants.

After getting dressed and yelled at Michael to take a picture, wearing a belt must be documented (thanks Michael :). All in all I loved the look. I don't think I would do it currently without a layer over the top when wearing pants, but who knows....maybe there is a large belt train in my future coming.

For years, when clients say do they need a belt I shout NO! Get your waistline tailored as it breaks up your waist in a bad way. But now in the day of high waist pants and denim, I may be shouting no a bit more infrequently :)

Wishing you and yours a fabulous Thanksgiving. We are SO THANKFUL to have you as clients and readers...which being said, make sure to check out the new look on the website and new head shots. My team is smoking hot!



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