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House Of Colour

As a wardrobe consultant, I feel like I am constantly trying to curate my personal style. A recent experience has led to further exploration of this fashion journey.

A friend of mine reached out with news of working for a company called House of Colour. She trained to start up her own House of Colour business and was excited to share her expertise with me. Now, I have to be completely honest. In the past I have had clients who have tried getting their colors done and often it can feel restrictive based on what they are given through color swatches. However, after seeing results and hearing Marissa's enthusiasm, I knew it was something that I needed to try.

It worked out perfectly because my mom planned a trip here last weekend. This would be a great mom/daughter activity. We arrived to a quaint office space with a window bringing in warm sunlight. We started with my mom. She sat facing the window with a floor length mirror in front of her. Marissa pulled two whites and two navy hues to start. Her first objective was to figure out whether my mom's under tone was yellow or blue based and from there, whether that was warm or cool.

Marissa described this as somewhat of a science project as you have to see how your skin reacts/appears with various colors next to it. It turns out my mom was a dark summer. She had blue under tone and was warm based.

I, on the other hand, turned out to be a blue under tone, and cool based, making me a jewel winter. This surprised me as my instinct thought autumn or summer (maybe because I just like those seasons of weather best), based on my brown eyes, natural light brown hair, and warmer olive skin in the summer. I am also super drawn to earthy neutrals like olive and burnt orange. Turns out, those are not my WOW colors as Marissa describes.

A wow color is something that would look fabulous on you and often bring you compliments. I couldn't believe the colors that popped on me. Red. Fuchsia. Viking purple. What??? So I may not actually purchase all of these, but some, like emerald green, LOVE!!

The session continued with make-up. Marissa did a basic powder foundation, blush and mascara. They believe that a person can stand out with just 90 seconds of make-up. They are not wrong. They utilize your unique tone of red or pink in lipstick to do the final touch. The make up is available for sale, but you can also bring in your color palette shopping to pick out from your favorite brands.

By the end of our 3 hours of service, mom and I were very pleasantly surprised. We had new insight on what shopping would look like for us. We were given a leather wallet with around 36 colors that work for us along with a pamphlet for our specific season. Of course you do not have to do everything exact, but using this with your personal style and fit will accomplish so many new things in your wardrobe!

Marissa can be reached through her Facebook page as well as e-mail address



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