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On the go style: Stylist Saturday Carly

I thought this week I would give a little preview into my day to day casual style. I LOVE being comfy, so every outfit I put together reflects that. On my off days, it is even more key, including being kid

friendly (though I find the older I get, I don't really have things for kid/non-kid because if it isn't comfy enough to wear on a kid day, I don't wear it on work days either!).

This is a look I strive to achieve each day; interesting, comfortable, but not "too" out there for my suburban mom contingent :)

I started everything with a JCrew gallery tee. I ADORE these tees for their fit, graphics, and longevity. I tend to purchase one a season that speaks to me (my one from summer is a sparkly old fashioned drink, ha!), and they always have a rotation of something fun. This is my current fave (though I hate cats, but is so darn cute), but here is the large selection. Next, I added on a rag & bone ripped skinny I adore (similar style here). They are super high waisted and feel like leggings. Flattering and comfy, win-win in my book. To finish the look I tossed on a mavi plaid shirt (I bought at Optiz forever ago) that is awfully fitted so I tend to leave open. Added a red lip and one of my favorite sneakers and I was ready for my day of run around and play.

Hoping everyone is having a fabulous fall full of fun outfits and sweaters!!



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