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Fall Wardrobe Essential: Buy Of The Week

Price: $49.50 (currently on sale for $16.49)

Why: Everyone needs to have their basics with a wardrobe. To me, this is a great basic for fall. I also encourage a majority of my clients to incorporate more white in their closet, as it is the least popular to purchase. However, it tends to be fantastic on many of us. It brightens our appearances and just makes for a fresh look. Most times, people are concerned about staining white, but to be honest, how many of us spill on a daily basis?? Please give it your best efforts to rock some white!

Wear & Pair: This is going to go great with the everyday jean. I am really enjoying the continued high-waist jean trend and don't even mind doing a slim to straight leg jean. Give it a little cuff to expose the ankle and wear a cute, stylish sneaker. Layer with a field jacket and you are good to go! Easy, effortless look in a short few minutes.

Final Rating: 5 stars! Because I always end up pushing back my long sleeve, I love that this three quarter functions so well. The material is comfortable and so far has washed and worn very well.



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